I can't pay my current bill. What options do I have?

If you can't pay your bill in full by your due date, you can check your eligibility for a Payment Extension or Payment Arrangement in My Account. You may be able to set up a Payment Extension to delay your current due date or a Payment Arrangement to pay past-due bills over an extended period of time.

Check your eligibility for a Payment Arrangement or Payment Extension through My Account. select the Billing tab and click Need Help to Pay from the left side menu. Check your eligibility for either option. If you agree to the terms, you can complete the process online. 

What is the difference between a Payment Arrangement and a Payment Extension?

Payment Extension

A Payment Extension extends your current bill due date up to 30 days. Extending your current bill due date does not extend your next bill due date. You will need to pay both the extended amount and next bill amount on the dates they are due.

Payment Arrangement

A Payment Arrangement lets you pay your past-due bills over an extended period of time. The Payment Arrangement amount will be due in addition to your current bill amount. 

女人自熨出白浆频在线播放Your Payment Extension amount will be determined by:

  • The size of your past due bill
  • How long it has been past due
  • Your payment history

You may also qualify for support from a community action agency for energy assistance.

Please do not email your request for a Payment Extension or Payment Arrangement.
Alliant Energy field service personnel cannot accept payments.

To avoid service disconnection, it is very important to take action on past due bills immediately.

  • If we must disconnect your service, we cannot guarantee same-day reconnection. (Exception: November 1 through April 1 for Iowa customers.)
  • If your service has been disconnected for nonpayment, you will be charged an additional fee for reconnection.

Trouble paying your bill?

Assistance and financing programs are available.

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Choose how you pay your bill

女人自熨出白浆频在线播放We have a variety of payment options to suit your lifestyle.

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