As of September 18, 2019, Alliant Energy is accepting new 2019 pre-approval applications and enrollments for Commercial New Construction and Custom Rebate projects expected to be completed by December 1, 2019 (including Energy Audits, Feasibility Studies, Find-n-Fix and Retrocommissioning projects).

We are continuing to accept pre-approval applications and enrollments for projects that are anticipated to be completed in 2020 and beyond.

All funding is available on a first-come, first served basis and is subject to budget restrictions.

Please contact your Key Account Manager or the Business Resource Center at 1-866-ALLIANT (866-255-4268) for assistance.

A Feasibility Study is a detailed analysis that quantifies the benefits of the energy-efficiency upgrades recommended in an Energy Audit. The study analyzes current energy use, expenses and projected energy savings to determine the cost-effectiveness of a potential project.

We’ll reimburse 50% of the pre-approved study cost, up to $7,500. Projects identified through a Feasibility Study are eligible for Custom Rebates.

Projects not eligible for a Feasibility Study include:

  • Installation of a product or piece of equipment to verify its performance
  • New construction projects
  • Pilot projects and analysis of new technology
  • Process changes not related to energy
  • Research and development

How do I qualify?

You can use a qualified third-party firm to conduct the Feasibility Study, but pre-approval by Alliant Energy is required.

A Feasibility Study 女人自熨出白浆频在线播放must be conducted in a building that Alliant Energy supplies the primary heating or cooling energy.

How do I apply?

Call 1-866-ALLIANT (866-255-4268)女人自熨出白浆频在线播放 Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or contact your Key Account Manager.

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