Lighting calculator

If you are considering a lighting upgrade, this simple calculator can help you determine your potential energy cost savings. (Powered by Questline; registration required.)

Compressed air systems savings

AIRMaster+ is a free online software tool that helps users analyze energy use and savings opportunities in industrial compressed air systems. (Powered by

Second Nature environmental impact

女人自熨出白浆频在线播放Find out how much renewable energy you help generate with your monthly contribution to Second Nature™.

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Air conditioner SEER calculation

女人自熨出白浆频在线播放Figure out the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) for your air conditioner.

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Commercial energy benchmarks

This tool measures your business’s operating performance against industry standards to determine if you are on the right track to meet goals. (Powered by Questline; registration required.

Industrial energy benchmarks

Compare your facility’s data to the industry standard for similar facilities. (Powered by Questline; registration required.)

Motor calculator

If you are considering a motor upgrade, this simple calculator can help you determine your potential cost savings. (Powered by Questline; registration required.)

Commercial energy efficiency

Get industry-specific advice on how your company can increase production, reduce costs, and save money. (Powered by Questline; registration required.)

Industrial energy efficiency

Receive industry-tailored recommendations with the Industrial Energy Efficiency Recommendations tool to make the necessary changes to increase efficiency and avoid less effective measures. (Powered by Questline; registration required.)

Performance benchmarking

Learn how your company’s metrics measure up against that of top-performing companies in your specific industry. You will receive an immediate report showing your company’s performance on metrics including Growth, Productivity, Utilization, On-Time Delivery, and Quality. (Powered by Questline; registration required.)

Facility assessment wizard

Uncover a wealth of information that can lower your energy costs, increase efficiency, and improve your bottom line. (Powered by Questline; registration required.)

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